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How We Offer Lower Cost Coverage

The insurance industry includes hundreds of companies hoping to earn your business. It is a very competitive market and it's worth having an unbiased expert shop around for the very best deals, especially when the service is FREE! This is where an independent agency like PREMIER OPTION comes in. We're not the company's agent ---we're YOURS!

Whether you´re searching for life insurance, Medicare supplements, dental plans or specialized services such as protecting your retirement funds, you must be informed and well-advised to get the most out of your premium dollars. An experienced and independent agent who represents multiple insurance carriers can make a huge difference in what you pay for coverage.

Why You Should Choose Us for Your Insurance Needs 

There are so many agencies out there competing for your business, it may seem like any agent or broker is as good as another. However, we are decidedly different! PREMIER OPTION is a proud partner agency of One Resource Group (ORG). Together, their staffs of trained professionals provide the expertise that insurance consumers expect. What does this agency partnership mean for you? You get the personal attention of a local agent, but without sacrificing the support you'll always have from a large firm that will never treat you like a policy number.

We're constantly evaluating the market to make certain our portfolio of products offers the best value from top-rated companies you can trust. As independent agents, we do not favor one carrier or plan over another. Instead, we help you select those that best address YOUR particular concerns, situations and circumstances. In fact, carriers often charge vastly different premiums for the exact same coverage. Why not let us help you find the one that costs the least?

We also offer options in our service delivery. The fact is no two clients are exactly the same. Some customers are more traditional and prefer to have an agent come to their home for service. Still, others would rather do everything online at their own computer without having to invite an agent into their residence or place of business. Regardless of your preference, we are prepared to accommodate you at your convenience.

Finally, please don´t hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-888-234-7826 or email with any questions no matter whether you're already a valued customer, a potential client or you simply need expert advice. There will never be a charge for our assistance or for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

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DISCLAIMER: Any quote generated from this website is an estimated figure and should be used for comparison purposes only. For the most current plan information including premium amount(s), please contact a representative toll-free at 1-888-234-7826.

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